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.: Photo Gallery :.

     I have selected a few pictures of me, my family, and my hometown. I will add more here as soon as I will find time to select them among the hundreds I have at home and scan them.

At the office in Turin.- Familiarizing with my husband's company office in Turin.
- chatting with a colleague
- organizing my workplace
- relaxing in the meeting room

Rebuilding the apartment.- We worked hard for a few weeks to make our new apartment in Turin a cozy home.
- removing the old wallpaper
- brand new bedroom

Personal gallery.- A few random shots - I just love getting photographed.
- 15 y.o.
- posing
- posing (2)
- happy biker
- a closer look
- visiting Rome
- dinner with friends in Rome

Here's my... double marriage in Italy.- in St.Petersburg, Russia (August 1999), and in the Valdesian Church of Turin, Italy (October 1999).
- SPB- At the City Hall with my parents
- SPB - At the City Hall with my husband
- Turin - The moment when I said 'yes'
- Turin - Out of the Church
- Turin - Happy couple
- Turin - Happy bride

My son.- A few shots of Michail Alberto (Micha)
- mom, grandma, and little Micha
- lunch time
- smiling with mama
- his first birthday
- lunch time
- playing with the cat
- first steps
- the three cousins
- learning how to drive daddy's car
- daddy's pipe
- ready for a walk
- with Alessandro and Francesca
- tenderness with Francesca
- Micha, Alessandro, Ettore
- Michail and Alessandro
- Micha and chocolate
- cleaning the house
- chocolate sweeties
- Micha in the park
- proudly showing mom's roses
- taking care of flowers
- naked in the park
- posing in the park
- At home, Christmas 2004
- At home, Christmas 2004
- At home playing, Christmas 2004
- At home, playing with Francesca, Christmas 2004

Svetlana.- My younger sister Sveta comes to visit us every year, and she enjoys spending some time in Italy.
- posing for the photographer
- at our place in the country
- waking up in the morning
- young biker
- cuddling a Royal Python
- after shopping
- walking in the mountains

At home in Russia.- A few pictures of my parents, relatives, and friends
- babushka and her roses
- babushka with my cousin Irina
- Irina posing
- party with some friends
- evening on the bench
- with my father in S.Petersburg
- with Sveta at our granmother's place

St. Petersburg.- A few nice pictures of my hometown
- night view of the Winter Palace
- night view of the lions
- the bridge
- the cathedral

Galleria Fotografica (Italiano)

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