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     I am born in S.Petersburg, the second most important city of the Russian Federation, some 32 years ago. Actually, when I was born the city was still called Leningrad, and my country was called USSR, which gives me a hard time explaining why on my passport it's written that I am born somewhere and I grew up somewhere else, but both are actually the same place. Add to this that I married an Italian in S.Petersburg and I now live in Italy, and you get the idea of how complicated could be making documents having 2 birthplaces, 2 places of residence, and 2 citizenships.

     In any case, I have been raised up between S.petersburg and Krasnodar, and graduated as a textile engineer in 1998 at S.Petersburg's University of Technology and Design. I then met a nice guy from Italy, who won my heart and became my fiance. After a few months spent flirting every day over the phone, he probably decided that his phone bills were getting him broken, and came back to S.Petersburg asking me to seriously consider the possibility of moving closer to him. At his place in Italy, that is. I put my foot on the Italian territory for the first time in December 1998 and didn't move from there until August 1999, when we decided that both of us were willing to spend the rest of our lifes together. We got married in S.Petersburg on August 1999, and spent the following month travelling across Russia to visit my relatives, then came back to Italy where we had our religious ceremony in October (that is, I am married twice, in two different countries, both times with the same man, but without divorcing). For those interested, here's the personal website of my husband Ettore.

     On December 28, 2000, our first (and only, at least by now) son, Michail Alberto, was born. Since then, we live in a small country village near Turin, where we can breath clean air and wake up in the morning with birds chirping in the park of our family villa.

     I have my own job and my own company, Ability Top Translations, a translation and localization agency. I can be found online from at least three different locations around the world -- the three services coordination offices we have -- but I manage things mainly from our Italian office, which I share with my husband.

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