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     I started working in the translation and localization field when I was very young, and offering my services as an interpreter and a translator for foreign companies in S. Petersburg was the only way to earn a decent amount of money compared to the very low wages wich were paid to employees at that time in Russia. When I first met my husband he was actually looking for a translator and an interpreter for some Website translation projects from English into Russian, and since then I continued working with him specializing in SEO-friendly Website localization. He is an SEO, has been working in the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization field since 1997, and started offering Website translation and localization services through his company since 1998. When I came in Italy I actually moved to his office in Turin setting up there the Italian coordination center of my own company, and when his company was aquired by an investor and we moved to our current location, we set up again another office where we continue spending most of our working time stepping on each other's feet. Hopefully, he's a nice person to work with, and his experience in the SEO field was a logic complement to my professional skills in the translation field.

     I am now managing one of the first completely Internet-based agencies offering translation, localization and globalization services: Ability Top Translations. We make use of translators and consultants who are native speakers of the target language, and who have professional qualifications in a wide range of fields. Our network of collaborators is a steadily growing virtual community which includes over 40 freelance translators living all over the world, and a team of over 20 localization and globalization experts, with specific experience in editorial graphics, web design and authoring, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, software development, internationalization of technical and scientific texts. Our coordination centers thus act as advanced interfaces between our clients and the translators and consultants working on our projects: this allows us to lower the costs of the service and guarantee maximum efficiency.

You can visit our translation agency Website to learn more about our Website translation and localization, software localization, text translation, and consulting services on Internet Marketing and globalization.

     You can also visit Ability Top Translation's website in its other language versions: French, Italian, Spanish, and in the reduced versions in German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Traduzione e localizzazione (Italiano)

Translate and localize your Website with Ability Top Translations' professional Website translation and localization services

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